The recent influx of users that store a lot of data in the Amazon Cloud Drive (ACD), a similar storage service as Amazon's S3 and Google Drive, has caused Amazon to re-think their product's capability. I do not think Amazon expected so many users with so much data to be using their service. With the Amazon Cloud Drive service being $59.99 for 12 months for unlimited storage, one can see how user's can "abuse" the service.

The rclone software, a Linux utility that helps sync data from source to destination, was mostly used with ACD. With the ability to encrypt on client-side and on-the-fly, a lot of users flocked to this software.

Unfortunately, in the last three days, Amazon has put their foot down and revoked the API key that ACD & rclone users were using. This means that users will be unable to use rclone to get or put their data. At this time, I do not believe Amazon has deleted any data. However, retrieving 16GB plus from the Amazon program is a nuisance.

I personally do not have my data in Amazon Cloud Drive. I have my backups in Google Nearine. Sure, it is not unlimited, but with the costs of these cloud provider's storage and bandwidth costs, $60 was too good to be true. I am thankful I did not choose ACD, because moving data from one provider to another may incur costs as well has time wasted. Plus, my home internet connection is 15Mbps download and 2Mbps upload.

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