I consider my dreams as "detailed" if I write more than 50 characters about them. I got this number by looking at what I have written and determining if it had good detail or a lot happened, versus bad recording due to waking up from sleep.

I also work second shift, 1600 to 0000. I usually actively fall asleep between 0300 to 0400.

Anyhow, here are some conclusions about my dreams in April.

  • I recorded a total of 54 dreams
  • 57.41% of my dreams in April were detailed - if my description of the dream is more than 50 characters
  • On Thursdays and Fridays, I have the most dreams (13 and 12, respectively)
  • On Fridays and Sundays, I have the most detailed to non-detailed  dream ratio (75%)
  • On Fridays and Thursdays, I have the most detailed dreams (9 and 8, respectively)
  • Around 0000, 0400, and 1500, I have the most detailed dreams (100%!)
  • Around 0900, I record the most dreams (11)

Here is the Google Doc for those that want to look at the numbers more closely.