Pricing subject to change and is not final in any way.  Please go to the respective vendor for up-to-date pricing. The article  is my opinion.

With that said, read below for the numbers and below that a short article on how I came about this.

Amount Stored & Restored (GB): 500

Company Price for Storage Price for Restore Est. Total Storage Download Network Egress
Digital Ocean 10.0000 0.0000 10.0000 10.0000 0.0000 0.0000
Backblaze B2 2.5000 10.0000 12.5000 0.0050 0.0200 0.0000
Linode 50.0000 0.0000 50.0000 0.1000 0.0000 0.0000
Amazon S3 Infrequent 6.2500 50.0000 56.2500 0.0125 0.0100 0.0900
Amazon S3 Standard 11.5000 45.0000 56.5000 0.0230 0.0000 0.0900
Amazon S3 Glacier 2.0000 60.0000 62.0000 0.0040 0.0300 0.0900
Google Nearline Storage 5.0000 65.0000 70.0000 0.0100 0.0100 0.1200
Google Regional Storage 10.0000 60.0000 70.0000 0.0200 0.0000 0.1200
Google Multi-Regional 13.0000 60.0000 73.0000 0.0260 0.0000 0.1200
Azure LRS 12.0000 66.4000 78.4000 0.0240 0.0458 0.0870
Azure ZRS 15.0000 66.4000 81.4000 0.0300 0.0458 0.0870
Google Coldline Storage 3.5000 85.0000 88.5000 0.0070 0.0500 0.1200
Azure GRS 24.0000 66.4000 90.4000 0.0480 0.0458 0.0870
Azure RA GRS 30.5000 66.4000 96.9000 0.0610 0.0458 0.0870

I recently accidentally issued the rsync command wrong. It was not  the wrong way to sync, but from an empty directory to an existing one. I  thought I had the drive mounted, but I definitely did not. I am glad I  had two backups: one in Backblaze B2 and another in Google Storage; I  had deleted Google Storage.

This led me to a new backup system. I have about 200GB of important  data, mostly my photos, that I would hate to lose. I have home videos,  but hey those don't matter that much. Unfortunately, I live in an area  with slow internet: 15Mbps down and 2Mbps up, on a good day. I had a few  options to restore my data: re-upload the existing production data I  have in my homelab or restore older data from about two months ago. My  fault for not having an up-to-date backup!

I chose the route to restore from Backblaze B2. I use Seafile, a  self-hosted Dropbox alternative, to host my files. This system has a ton  of small files, so the resync would take a long time. I decided to do a  snapshot in Backblaze B2, download that, unzip, and resync. I spun up a  virtual machine in Google Compute Engine and began the "strenuous"  work. Once that was done, I resynced to Google Storage. Finally, instead  of trying to sync old and new, I just spun up another machine with  Seafile on it. This would allow me to sync my home data to the cloud  first, backup again (while in the cloud), and then download to home. So  far, so good.

The pricing I wrote above made me really think of the best option for  me. Whether this accident happens again or just...because I can. I  think I'll stay with Backblaze B2 as the main backup-repo and then move  over to S3 Standard Storage. I'll move away from Google because it is  costly to store and restore. However, I will keep Backblaze B2 because  they are damn cheap to store and restore. There are some other options  like spinning up my own server (dedicated or VPS) to maintain backups.  It would be kind of cheaper, but then I would have to maintain it. Yuck!