I am a little bit delayed on the December text messaging stats. I just really didn't want to sit down and look at them. I'm not very "artisty" so I struggle with graph colors. I did recently read an article that suggested to keep the color scheme simple. This allows for the graph to display the data without any extra input. This is why I have grayscaled the ones that I can. I found that the black and grey was difficult to read.

Anyhow, onto the stats! 2216 texts sent and 1604 texts received in December.

My active hours are still all over the place! I am still trying to figure out a good sleep schedule for the third-shift work schedule, Tuesday evening to Sunday morning. On a personal note, I have been finding success with going to sleep around noon and waking up at 2100.

I am guessing that 11AM is peak activity because I'm awake and my friends are awake. It is interesting to see Tuesday has only 4 texts at 11AM. I speculate that this is because I have been switching to a first shift for the weekend and drastically changing for Tuesday. Basically, catching up on sleep Tuesday morning.

There is not a whole lot to say about the activity during the week, business as usual! Although, Steven and Colin had the same activity on Thursdays; too spooky for me.

We can see that Colin remains on his throne since last month at number 1! He and I like to see how late he stays up during the week. As we can see, he drops off at the end of 2AM.