• CompTIA A+ (2010) (COMP001020179103)
  • Microsoft Certified Enterprise Desktop Support Technician (2012) (E051-9244)
  • Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (2012) (E051-9246)
  • Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist - Windows 7, Configuration (2012) (E026-3072)
  • Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist -  Windows Server 2008 Active Directory, Configuring (2013) (E134-0138)
  • Windows Server 2008 Active Directory, Server Administration (2013)

Texas Capital Bank

Lead Application Operations Analyst

  • Design and deploy new company initiatives within the team, including ServiceNow Visual Task Boards (kanban) and application integrations via REST API
  • Collaborate with various business units to complete projects (application migration and upgrades)
  • Utilize Azure DevOps CI/CD for PowerShell Scripts
  • Design all-inclusive documentation and videos for the team
  • Guide team members to the next best resolution steps and deep-dive problems

Application Support Analyst

  • Provide in-depth support & analysis for MOVEit Automation and Nautilus
  • Design and implement REST API and PowerShell script integrations for Active Directory, Coupa, Degreed, Inspirus, OKTA, Secret Server, ServiceNow
  • Create internal documentation for various applications, which include step-by-step setups, and troubleshooting matrices
  • Manage OKTA Single-Sign-On Access (application and user configurations)
  • Used Change Management to update production environment

Amazon Web Services

Cloud Support Associate

  • Provide support for various AWS services
    • Simple and Managed Active Directory, EC2 Windows, CloudFormation, IAM, and WorkSpaces
  • Create internal documentation


Windows Enterprise Support Technician

  • Collaborate with internal teams
  • Mentor Windows Support Technicians
  • Develop detailed documentation of customer's environment
  • Install & Support Microsoft DPM, IIS, SQL, and AD


Windows Support Technician

  • Collaborate with internal teams
  • Receive chats, tickets, and phone calls from customers
  • Troubleshoot Plesk Onyx, MailEnable, SmarterMail and Windows Servers
  • Manage Windows Firewall


Junior Systems Administrator

  • Configure OS X Server to manage iDevices with Profile Manager
  • Install and setup two HP DL 385 G7 servers with ESXi 5.1 with 3rd-party vendor
  • Utilize Zenoss Monitoring to monitor server infrastructure
  • Manage Endian 3.0.1 Firewall
  • Collaborate with the Lead Systems Engineer
  • Managed VoIP Phones with Asterisk
  • Created phone menus for incoming calls

Backup Engineer

  • Ensure daily and weekly backups are completed; 4TB
  • Created powershell script to send daily and monthly Veeam logs
  • Utilize Veeam and BackupPC to backup 30 servers; semi-annual testing of backups to ensure data integrity

Project Management

  • Create, plan, and deploy office upgrades for 5 remote offices
  • Schedule and manage internet, phones, and computer installation  for two new offices with external vendors (Comcast, AT&T, and TDS); 4  months

Data Analyst, Report Writing, and Technical Trainer

  • Perform data integrity checks between two systems for a system  migration while using Microsoft Access 2010 and Microsoft Excel 2010
  • Create and analyze reports for internal employees and external clients
  • Create SOPs and train employees on the new applicant tracking system (ATS)


  • Developed, test, and write new standard operating procedures for new SaaS
  • Develop and implement new employee termination procedures

Level 1 Helpdesk Technician

  • Open and track tickets with 3rd party vendors such as Bond, CTS, Comcast, JobDiva, TDS, Veeam, VMWare, and HP
  • Help users setup company e-mail on their device(s)
  • Provided end-user support for Windows and Microsoft Office 2010 to 2016
  • Setup and Configure multiple laptops and thin clients
  • Migrate a Windows 2008 R2 print server to Windows 2012 R2
  • Utilize a Windows 2012 R2 print server
  • Create & maintain a hardware inventory using Microsoft Access 2010 Database

Calhoun Intermediate School District

Technology Assistant

  • Windows Deployment System
  • Sophos Endpoint Security & Microsoft Endpoint
  • Desktop and Laptop Systems
  • Level 1 Technician Support
  • Deploy iPad and laptop carts and setting up computer labs

PC Consultants

Computer Technician

  • PC Repair
  • Virus Removal
  • Windows Boot Loader
  • Data Recovery
  • Dish Network and DirecTV Salesman
  • Product Information
  • Technology Of Each Provider
  • Customer Interaction

Personal Projects

  • Data analysis of my text messages using Tableau, Google BigQuery, Google Data Studio, and Excel
  • Self-hosted environment:
    • Network: pFsense, Ubiquiti Unifi
    • Server: VMWare ESXi and Proxmox
    • Cloud: Amazon Web Services, Digital Ocean, Google Compute Engine, Microsoft Azure
    • Operating Systems: Debian, Gentoo, Microsoft Windows
    • Storage Backends: Seafile, Backblaze B2, AWS S3
    • E-mail: Google GSuite, Microsoft Office 365, Postfix/Dovecot
    • Authentication: Microsoft ADFS
    • Media: Plex
    • Website: Jekyll and Ghost
    • Database: MySQL
    • Integrations: Python and PowerShell