You guessed friend Brandon is number one in the month of July! There were 776 total texts between him and me! 251 of the texts were on Monday, whereas Friday only had 67.

On Monday's and Friday's, we did not text between 0200 and 0300! We then pick back up around 0700 on Monday's and 0900 on Friday's.

My other friend Chris and I texted the least amount. There were 126 texts between the two of us. Predominantly, on Friday with 27 texts. I believe that was the same day we both heard about the passing of Chester Bennington, the late lead singer for Linkin Park. RIP Chester.

In July, there were 1708 texts received and 2154 texts sent for a total of 3862 texts!

Here are the top ten contenders for July:

Person Total Result
Brandon 776
Rob 615
Tyler 495
Cody 355
Colin 258
Eva 255
Mom 222
John 145
Chris 126
Brandon 2 71