Here's the Google Data Studio for this month. I almost published before double-checking for my friend "Brandon 1." Signal has the country code and omits the dash between the phone number. My "contact" SQL table, well BigQuery table, has those dashes. I guess I could update/add the contact, but eh lazy.

I've been able to optimize my workflow with the tools below. Here's the tutorial.

  1. xml2json
  2. jq
  3. TimeZone convert
  4. Better Excel formulas

I'm back at it with texting every single hour of a day during the month! Yay. Eventually, I'll sit down and look at these stats in a larger picture...but not today.

I'm down to about 30-45 minutes or so. The hardest part is parsing the WhatsApp text file. It just does one-by-one line for each message and doesn't split it up at all. So, I do a bunch of left, right, find, and trims to get that. The timezone convert formula in Excel definitely helps with Signal, as well as the xml2json.

I think a few months ago, I converted to a better Google BigQuery formula. I am able to copy the report template each time and just update the record source with the new query. The "new query" is not really new, I simply update the "month = [month here]".

If you're new to the stats, I just like looking at the graphs and numbers. It obviously looks like a ranking system, but I don't mean it to be!