I am finally getting around to looking at my dreams for November. Keep in mind this is like my text stats where I switched from 2nd shift (1600 to 0000) to 3rd shift (2300 to 0700). I also recently got a smartwatch that can keep track of when I sleep. But, I do not think it would be the most accurate as sometimes I forget to enable it. With all of this data, maybe I could correlate the dreams and the text messages? That would be quite an under taking!

Anyhow, I had 56 dreams in November. I had about two dreams per night! This is down from 63 dreams in October. I think as my sleep schedule adjusts to third shift the dream count will rise.

As the week progresses, so does my dream count. Thursday is the highest with 11 dreams! 3PM is when I had the most dreams, but between 5PM to 8PM is the most frequent. If I recall my sleep patterns during November correctly, I would get to sleep before noon, usually around 9AM, and then be wide-awake until 5PM. I would then wake up late 8PM and get around for my shift.

Let’s look at Thursday dream by hour. Interestingly, 1PM, 3PM, 5PM, and 7PM have 2 dreams each. Every two hours! Now that is a pattern! I will try to remember this pattern and see if it repeats in December...

3PM was the most frequent hour and it usually was Sunday and Thursdays.

October and November share a few days that I had the same amount of dreams: Sunday, Thursday, and Saturday. The peak days are a little different though. October’s was Tuesday, the start of my shift, while November was Thursday, the middle of the week. There appears to be no significant day that I have more or less dreams, though.

The hours between October and November are way different! Who would have guessed that a shift change would change my sleeping hours. That is really interesting to see the graphs shift about eight hours! There are some hours that have dreams in both October and November. I think that is because I am still trying to figure out what I want to do on the weekends: drastically switch to first/second or slightly switch off 3rds. I know there were a few weekends where I stayed up until 5PM (so nearly 24 hour period).

Overall, I think it will be interesting to see if there are similar trends to November as December for third shift. I did enjoy the small text messaging case study I did for August vs. September (here). I think scaling that out (for both dreams and texts) to a quarter would be interesting. However, just thinking about it does not motivate me as there is a ton of data and if I wanted to correlate the two...oh boy.

Here are some complimentary links: PDF of this article & Google DataStudio (web or PDF).