Welcome to November’s text stats! At the beginning of November I switched from 2nd shift (1600 to 0000 eastern) to 3rd shift (2300 to 0700); I still work Tuesday to Saturday. Let’s see if there are any different trends...

I sent 2354 texts and received 1763 texts for a total of 4117 texts! I have been thinking that these numbers are inflated because messages are limited to 160(?) characters. A long conversation will be separated into multiple texts. Additionally, what if we send a follow-up text to correct a spelling error? Or if if we simply write, “OK”? I may have to figure out how to write a basic Android app to extract the texts themselves and try to analyze them.

My active hours (texts sent) were actually very similar to October. One similarity is that I text at every single hour throughout the month. While October’s peak hour was 1300 with 263 texts, about when I woke up for 2nd shift, November’s peak hour was midnight with 189 (no graph). However, if I exclude the top sender (Colin) at midnight, November’s peak hour is at 0900 with 156 texts sent.

I sent and received about 22% of my total texts on Mondays! This is similar to October because Monday was also the highest communication day. The remaining weekdays are between 12-13% with Saturday (8.5%) being the quietest day.

The top 10 people I communicated with in November definitely varied in October. A general trend I noticed is that both Colin and Eva “fought” their way to the top while Brandon 1 has been dethroned for two months now. Additionally, my mom fell off the top 10 list. Hi mom!

Let’s take an in-depth look at Monday! The top of the hour is as quiet as a mouse...then 24 minutes later BAM!

What the h*ck is Colin up to on Mondays!? An obvious madlad. A few minutes (specifically 10) after 1AM he eventually goes from hero to zero...maybe he stopped streaming on his Twitch channel and fell asleep? Probably not.

But how do the numbers change when we exclude Colin? Well, Monday still remains as the top communication day and Eva takes the top spot (Hi Eva!). Midnight also remains the top hour for texting and it is with Steven!

11-monday-midnight-hours-and-people-no-colin.jpg (1182×738)
11-monday-midnight-no-colin.jpg (1183×731)

On average, I send 336 texts per day and 98 per hour. Monday was the highest at 517 and Saturday was the lowest with 217. There is a standard deviation of 86 for each weekday and 40 for each hour (no graph).

11-weekday-average.JPG (2388×1069)
11-hour-average.JPG (2417×1046)

I’m not entirely sure why Monday is the top communication day. Maybe this is because Monday morning is the start of my weekend? It is interesting that my active hours between October and November were only different by scale which is most likely due to people sleeping while I’m on shift. I am still definitely adjusting to the sleep schedule and really trying to define what the best times are for me.

Here are some complimentary links: PDF of this article & Google DataStudio (web or PDF).