I might do a "six-month review" on the dreams. To see if there has been a change of day or not during the months. I have a feeling in June, Friday is not the "norm." I could obviously look back at the other stats, but I think I would rather do a separate article with more data.

In June, the average character length of the dreams was about 87 characters. Therefore, I set the "detailed dream" threshold to that. If any dream was longer than the aforementioned character length, it would be determined a "detailed dream."

Here are the stats:

  • 52 total dreams in June, 40% of them were detailed
  • 75% of my dreams on Saturday were detailed, runner-ups were Thursday and Saturday
  • 10 dreams were around 0500 and 50% of them were detailed, runner-up was 1000
  • 12 dreams were on Friday, 33% of them were detailed
  • 0500 to 1100 I had dreams, at 0700 100% of them were detailed

Google Sheet