We are back at it again. I wanted to do something a little different this time...

Here's the Google Sheet for those of you that want to look more!

I found the frequency of dreams for me in July was about every two (2) hours or so.

Here's a quick run down on what happened in July, a detailed dream has more than 91 characters.

  • During the month I had 69 dreams - 33.33% of them were detailed.
  • At 0800 I had the most dreams - 14.29% of them were detailed.
  • Saturday had the most dreams - 23% of them being detailed
  • At 0900 on Saturdays, I had the most dreams - 25% of them were detailed.
  • During the month, 0800 had the most dreams - 14.29% of them were detailed.

Look at this pretty table with word frequencies! "Forester" and "Truck" appeared because I had gotten in a car wreck and was dreaming/thinking about the next vehicle purchase.

Word Count - Word
betrayal 3
dad 4
dancing 3
dream 6
Forester 3
Helping 6
mom 4
New 4
School 5
She 6
team 3
teleport 3
Truck 3
trying 4