In pFsense, open HAProxy:


Select the "Backend" tab

Select "Add"

Input data in the "Name" field, select the "+" to add a backend server

Input a server address and port

Select "Basic" for the "Health check method" (for using Ghost blog)

Select the "Frontend" tab

Input data in the "Name" and "Description" field

Input an IP in the "Custom address" (I have a virtual IP in pFsense)

Select "http / https(offloading)" in "Type"

Scroll down and add an entry to "Access Control Lists"

For example, the ACL name is "kvch" and IF the host starts with ""

Scroll down and add an entry to the "Actions"

For example, use the backend "ghost-kvch" if the ACL is "kvch"

For HTTP to HTTPS redirection, select "http-request redirect" under action and input the below

code 301 location https://%[hdr(host)]%[path]