Volkswagen to recall about 550,000 vehicles, for multiple defects: air-bag, sunroof drainage system, and overheating coolant-pump. The recall number is predominately Audi vehicles, with some Volkswagen as well.

  • Air-bags may not deploy properly or the seat belt pretensioners may not activate properly
  • Damaged panoramic sunroof could allow water in and cause corrosion to the airbag canister over time, which can cause airbag canister to fracture without the airbag itself, causing serious injury from its fragments
  • Coolant pump blocked by debris causing overheating and possible vehicle fire

ModelModel YearCountReasonAudi Q52011-2017234,054Drainage system, air-bagAudi A4 Sedan2013-2016105,012Coolant PumpAudi A5 Cabriolet2013-201719,428Coolant PumpAudi A52013-201726,118Coolant PumpAudi A62012-201529,289Coolant PumpAudi Q52013-2017145,677Coolant PumpAudi A4 Allroad2013-201617,343Coolant Pump

Air bag recall:

  • AUDI/A4/2017
  • AUDI/A6/2017
  • AUDI/A7/2017
  • AUDI/Q5/2018
  • AUDI/Q7/2017

Reference | NHTSA Sunroof Drainage System | NHTSA Coolant Pump | NHTSA Air-bags